Supporting Your Parks
Green Groups Fund

Donate to support local volunteers whose time and hard work make your parks and open spaces great!

Your contribution to the Green Groups Fund will be available to groups who help keep parks and open spaces litter free, carry out maintenance, organise activities and make improvements for wildlife.  Local groups will be able to apply for funding later this year.

What is your donation worth?

£2 would purchase a pair of gloves for a volunteer
£7 would purchase a litter picker for a volunteer group
£10 would purchase tea and biscuits for hardworking volunteers for 8 volunteer sessions
£14 would purchase a bird box for a local group to install on their park or open space

The aim of our group is to protect and enhance the environment within these Green Flag reserves and welcome visitors who want to spend time around nature and nurture their mental health. Any monies received from the Fund would be spent on encouraging more local community involvement in the up keep of the reserves (eg litter picking, cleaning notice boards and tidying and watering the flower boats) and to purchase more equipment and tools.

- Friends of Wollaton Local Nature Reserves

We are a relatively new group, so any support that helps get the group going would be wonderful.  A small grant would enable us to buy a few tools for maintaining Sunrise Hill. We could also buy a few bulbs and potting plants to brighten the place up, and perhaps a wheelbarrow, as the reserve is on a steep hill!

- Friends of Sunrise Hill

Wild flower meadows

Donate to create more wild flower meadows in parks and open spaces across Nottingham!

Wild flowers are an important habitat for wildlife, such as pollinating insects, birds, amphibians and small mammals.

Meadows help to reduce our carbon footprint, by storing carbon from the atmosphere and requiring less maintenance than a regularly cut lawn, meaning less vehicles are on the road.  

Volunteer your time

Volunteers make a huge difference to Nottingham’s parks and open spaces and we would love you to help on your local park or open space to give something back to these green spaces that are so important in all our lives.  

There are a number of volunteer opportunities that you can get involved in, for more information Click here


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